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All fluid freezing operations of the lines you need can be provided by the team company in all working conditions. Just click on the request button and complete it. Our experts will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Descriptions :

Pipe freezing has become one of the safest, cheapest and most effective ways to cut off fluid flow in pipelines over the past three decades.

Using this method, it is possible to perform any repair, change or installation of equipment on the pipeline, and there is no need to perform laborious, time-consuming operations and the cost of draining the maintenance fluid and returning it back into the line.

In this method, using liquid nitrogen that is injected into the coating around the tube, the temperature of the fluid inside it gradually decreases and this process continues until the fluid changes shape from liquid to solid and forms a hard mold of ice. This ice mold is completely resistant to pressure and can withstand 4000 psi due to the high adhesion and friction that it creates with the inner wall of the pipe. The team company, in collaboration with the British company Perlite MS, has continuously studied the capability and capability of various lines in terms of material and fluid through research and testing, and is on the way to the increasing development of this technique.

Our experts, when visiting the site and meeting with your engineers on site, explain the Pipe freezing method and inform them of the effectiveness and safety of this method, and by observing the position and material of the pipe and the fluid inside it, as well as considering repairs and changes. Required and necessary studies will be ready to make the best decisions in order to achieve the desired result.



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Variety in providing repair services has made this company the only Iranian company providing Pipe Line Total Integrity services. 

Accuracy in providing quality services and products as well as attention in attracting customers’ satisfaction and meeting their needs, speed in responding, providing new and appropriate solutions, reasonable prices compared to foreign and sometimes Iranian competitors, high sense of responsibility of employees It is one of the most prominent points of this company in terms of assigned tasks and having specialized personnel.


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