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Cold Box , LNG Tank Repair services
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What is Perlite?

Perlite is made by crushing a volcanic rock into tiny particles. Thses particles are then passed through a furnace at nearly 1000c , to cause the water vapour trapped inside to “explode” so that each particle expands, forming an extremely light powder.

Perlite is used in the oil and gas industry as an extremely efficient insulation material. This is used to insulate Cold boxes on refineries, chemical plants and power stations.

Some companies still use unprofessional forces and very rudimentary methods for unloading and recharging Perlite, which due to its ultra-light weight, can be easily dispersed by air currents in the air and in a very large area. On the one hand, it leads to the loss of a large volume of Perlite, and on the other hand, it causes environmental pollution (harmful to health) and serious disruptions in mechanical equipment.

Another important point is the time taken to discharge and recharge. Unloading and recharging Perlite by non-specialists by non-standard methods can take weeks.

The team company, in cooperation with the British company Prelite MS, is able to empty and charge Perlite cold tanks with high quality in less than two weeks without any pollution and dispersion of “Perlite” particles in the environment. With accurate and complete emptying of Perlite inside the cold box, any technical repairs and changes can be done easily.

Using the company’s services in emptying and recharging Perlite for cold boxes is considerably economical because there is no need to take the tank out of service for a long time, and this means more complex production and thus higher income.

In very low temperature fluid storage tanks (refrigeration tanks) such as LNG Tank, insulation between the inner tank and the outer wall of the tank is essential to maintain a temperature of minus 196 ° C.

To achieve this, Perlite is considered the safest and most suitable insulation available and when constructing these tanks, it is injected using a compressor between the inner tank and the outer wall. However, if Perlite needs to be recharged for any reason, it is no longer possible to use the injection method in the first place.

The perlite in these tanks is gradually compressed and reduced in volume over time. This Reaction creates gaps between the body of the refrigeration tank and the existing Perlite, heat can be easily transferred through these gaps and causes the evaporation of fluid, which means financial loss and should prevent further growth of this phenomenon.

Signs of the formation of these voids in the volume of insulation appear in the form of cold and frozen spots on the outer surface of the tank, these spots will usually be covered with dew, except in hot weather.

Another service that Team Company, in cooperation with Perlite MS UK, offers at the request of employers, is to visit such refrigeration tanks and ensure their health.

In case of any loss due to reduction of perlite volume, the company is able to add a small amount of perlite from the upper part of the tank by injection and using special equipment, repair the defect and return the refrigeration tank to its original condition and prevent further product loss. Did.

This service is performed without interrupting the operation flow.



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Variety in providing repair services has made this company the only Iranian company providing Pipe Line Total Integrity services. 

Accuracy in providing quality services and products as well as attention in attracting customers’ satisfaction and meeting their needs, speed in responding, providing new and appropriate solutions, reasonable prices compared to foreign and sometimes Iranian competitors, high sense of responsibility of employees It is one of the most prominent points of this company in terms of assigned tasks and having specialized personnel.



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