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Bolt Tightening
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Bolt Tightening

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The most common method of installing fittings and assembling machine parts in various industries as well as pipeline fittings and equipment in petrochemical industries, refineries and power plants is to use bolts.

The quality of the connection of the connecting points of the equipment and pipelines that are fastened to each other with the help of bolts is of great importance and if the operations performed to install the connections and assemble the machine parts are not accurate and strong enough, they can cause The risks or potential damages become significant.

When it comes to lines and equipment of petrochemicals, refineries and power plants, the importance of correct connection is much more important because non-standard tightening of one-piece bolts (equipment, device, pipe, or flange) can cause events such as leaks and Or even stop and shutdown the system.

Experience shows that the main drawbacks and shortcomings that occur in this area are due to:

Adequate attention to all of this reveals the importance of using a standard and reliable method.



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Variety in providing repair services has made this company the only Iranian company providing Pipe Line Total Integrity services. 

Accuracy in providing quality services and products as well as attention in attracting customers’ satisfaction and meeting their needs, speed in responding, providing new and appropriate solutions, reasonable prices compared to foreign and sometimes Iranian competitors, high sense of responsibility of employees It is one of the most prominent points of this company in terms of assigned tasks and having specialized personnel.



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