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services Online Leak sealing Available from Team Co. :

Saving time and ensuring the result is one of the most important reasons for you to choose Team Co.

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All leak detection and leakage operations you need in all working conditions can be provided by the Team Co. Just click on the request button and complete it. Our experts will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Descriptions :

Team company using the latest methods, the best tools and equipment and the most specialized human resources 24 hours a day, all year round, to find leaks and eliminate leaks during operation (online) of all pipelines, connections, tanks Valves and installations under your pressure are ready to provide services.In most cases of leaks, you face the following problems:

Continuous protection of pipelines, pressurized facilities and equipment, and chemical tanks, which in many cases contain environmental pollutants, incendiary substances, and even toxic substances, are of great importance in industry.

It is obvious that leaks in pipelines, facilities, equipment and tanks, especially in cases where there are environmental hazards and constraints, can cause excessive costs and unpleasant damage. On the other hand, the loss of valuable materials that are part of Our products or raw materials are also economically unpleasant. In general, the consequences of a leak are:

Therefore, two factors, economy and environment, provide us with sufficient motivation to solve such a problem. Factors that cause leakage are:

Corrosion of pipes and tanks is a natural cause, and corrosion is usually caused by corrosive substances or abrasive fluids. Environmental factors such as cold, frost, heat are also natural factors that are effective in causing leakage. Intentional damages usually include sabotage operations that may be due to union issues and so on. Inadvertent damage may also be caused by collisions with objects or by excavation. Out-of-design operations are also a factor in pipe damage. Because each pipeline is designed for a specific range of temperature and pressure, and if the operation is carried out outside this range, it will cause leakage and damage to the pipeline.

Given the variety of factors that can cause leakage, as well as the costs and risks involved, leak detection and leakage prevention is a very important issue. Given the extent of this phenomenon, detecting leaks and fixing them accurately and quickly is a very necessary and sensitive task. Leak detection and leakage operations at the site, in addition to short repair times, can reduce economic damage and energy loss, which is its most important advantage. Leak detection and leakage operations must be performed by experienced and skilled people. Safety, technical knowledge of how to deal with leaks, pressure, temperature, product and location of operations are among the major factors that should be considered before starting.


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Variety in providing repair services has made this company the only Iranian company providing Pipe Line Total Integrity services. 

Accuracy in providing quality services and products as well as attention in attracting customers’ satisfaction and meeting their needs, speed in responding, providing new and appropriate solutions, reasonable prices compared to foreign and sometimes Iranian competitors, high sense of responsibility of employees It is one of the most prominent points of this company in terms of assigned tasks and having specialized personnel.



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