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All your follow-up operations can be provided by the team company throughout the life of a pipeline. Just click on the request button and complete it. Our experts will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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The main task of an effective and reliable transmission pipeline is one or more products in the form of fluid or gas. Due to the fact that there are other methods such as transfer by tanker and ….

Compared to other methods, the choice of pipeline and its continued use depends on its economic desirability. Savings from continuous use of transmission lines, compared to other methods or from direct savings through transmission more efficient and cheaper Fluids or indirect savings, such as continuous production, reduction of transfer risks, etc.

At a glance, these factors save and reduce the final cost of production resulting from the use of pipelines. Having a comprehensive plan for pigeoning operations during the operation of pipelines will ensure the continuity of flow in the pipeline.

In some cases, fluid flow must be controlled during piping operations, and in many cases it may be necessary to adjust the fluid flow, for example to reduce pressure or velocity. In addition, there is always the risk of the pig getting stuck in the pipeline, which may cause a complete cessation of product flow, which in some cases incurs high and unacceptable costs for opening the system.

However, detailed studies show that a comprehensive follow-up program is essential for the effective operation of the system.
Pigging during the construction of pipelines and after that, the excavations before the commissioning of the pipelines and also continuous and with the program of periodic piging operations to achieve different results such as:

Pigging to deal with the possibility of damage or blockage of the pipeline Developing regular maintenance and inspection programs of the pipeline can greatly reduce the risks of pipeline failure and increase the service life of the system.
Such programs depend significantly on the use of multiple pigs. At different stages of a pipeline life, the type and frequency of use of pigs changes.



Variety in providing repair services has made this company the only Iranian company providing Pipe Line Total Integrity services. 

Accuracy in providing quality services and products as well as attention in attracting customers’ satisfaction and meeting their needs, speed in responding, providing new and appropriate solutions, reasonable prices compared to foreign and sometimes Iranian competitors, high sense of responsibility of employees It is one of the most prominent points of this company in terms of assigned tasks and having specialized personnel.



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