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Hot Tap
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The three main pillars for performing a safe hot tapping operation on pipelines are:

هات تپ

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Hot tap operation is started by the experienced team and technical information of the team's engineers, only after a thorough examination and detailed planning and is completed with advanced tools. Just click on the request button and complete it. Our experts will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Descriptions :

A simple definition of a hot tap is to make a cut or hole in a pipeline while that line is under pressure and operating temperature.

The purpose of this operation is to continue the operation of the facility and to prevent the cessation of activities during the branching.

This operation is actually the execution of drilling operations on the lines or tanks under operation, which can be done hot (with welding operations) or non-hot (without welding).

Why hot tap?

Running hot taps or blocking pipelines can cause problems, however it is the best way to avoid shutdowns. The command to stop the flow in an operating pipeline requires pressure, draining and riveting, cleaning of the pipeline and stagnation in operation and other significant problems.

In addition, it may interfere with or compress other activities of the industrial unit. For these reasons, the continuation of system activities, for example in a chemical processing industrial unit, power plant, refinery, etc., using hot taps or blocking pipelines is an economical cost.



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