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Descriptions :

Mandrel pigs :

This group of pigs are designed and produced as the most effective and most consumed pipeline pigs in various shapes and combinations and are used in all pipeline operations, including construction, hydrostatic testing, commissioning, operation and repair.

These pigs often have metal bodies (steel, aluminum, steel) and in sizes of 4 to 56 inches, depending on their application, equipped with polyurethane cups, polyurethane discs, brushes, magnets, polyurethane abrasive blades, bumpers, plates, wheels. , Size plate and spring are produced for cleaning applications, material separation, filling and emptying of water, application of anti-corrosion materials, etc.

Crossing 105D angles and up and mechanical and dynamic resistances in operating conditions, as well as abrasion resistance, tear and sealing of polyurethane components are the main indicators of this type of pigs.

polyurethane pigs :

This group of pigs that are produced as a whole or in several pieces entirely of polyurethane; While maintaining excellent sealing, they have advantages such as lightness and excellent flexibility, which provide more drift and cross-linking and angle angles.
All urethane pigs are produced from 2 to 56 inches in size for cleaning, separation and hydrostatic testing applications.

Spherical pigs :

Spherical pigments are the best choice for applications of liquid extraction, separation of fluids or various products and metering of pipelines. These types of pigs are produced in solid, inflatable types with one-way valves for sizing specific pigs (with sponge core, magnet, or brush) from 2 to 56 inches. The advantages of this type of pigs include the ability to pass angles less than 1.5D and 45 and 90 degree elbows.

Gel pig :

Based on water, hydrocarbons and acids are prepared and used in proportion to the fluidity of the pipeline.

Sponge pigs :

Polyurethane and sponge foam pigs are suitable for drying lines from liquids and transferring some fluids based on hydrocarbons and water, and there are no restrictions on passing through joints less than 3D. Also, for cases where the radius of the angles of the pipeline is less than D1.5 or the type of connections is not able to follow the pigments of the metal body, foam pigs are used. Indicative applications of these pigs include light cleaning, pipeline drying, ensuring PROVING capability and drainage of liquids in short and medium lines.

Foam pigs in 3 groups with light, medium and heavy density in models without coating, screw coating, cross coating, wire brush or silicone abrasive strips should be produced from 3 to 56 inches in size.

Advantages :

Special pigs :

The most important of these pigs are :

With a wide range of variety and design, they are often the most economical choice to meet the specific challenges of engineering and pipeline operations, and have a history of production in almost all sizes.

Depending on the type of chemical fluid, special pigs are made and used from different materials to transport chemical liquid products, taking into account the conditions of the pipeline.



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